Upgraded Spaghetti Sauce

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Every time I hear the word “upgrade” this video pops up in my head. Fantastic job marketing unicorns and unicornettes.

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Their was a time in my life when I would boil up some spaghetti strings, pour some store bought sauce onto the noodles and shovel that into the area where I keep my teeth. I don’t think I’ve painted the picture well enough for you to fully appreciate the vision. I would literally flop a bowl of naked spaghetti noodles on the table, sit down, open up a jar of spaghetti sauce and pour it into the noodles right out the jar. I’d keep the jar on the table just in case I felt like the noodles needed to be drowned in more sawse. It was quite a while back, but I’m sure I was listening to a Ray J. song.

Those times have been put behind me (the spaghetti sauce thing, not the Ray J. thing). Nowadays I make the store bought sauce go “BANG!” before I slam the spaghetti meal into the area where my dentist likes to do his thing at. Here’s a little example (just a little sample…how I could just kill a man!) of what I put together tonight:

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It’s mega easy. All you gotta do is chop up the veggies and meats of your choice. Boil in a few cups of water for about 5 minutes, pour in the store bought sauce and mix for about 5 more minutes. In no time the area where your tongue lives will be blessed with a party…and everybody is coming (like that joke from 7th grade). Hooray! For this mix I used onions, green pepper, egg plant and two hot links. If your sauce isn’t as thick as you want it to be, all you gotta do is throw in some bread crumbs to thicken up the sauce (RICKY RAAAWSSSE!!!)