The two most important party stereo rules

house party stereo rules The two most important party stereo rules

It’s called an iPod, not an usPod – We’ve all had this happen to us before. The party that you’re throwing at your place is in full swing. Drinks are swinging. People are swinging other people. Ironically it is windy so your backyard swing is swinging. Your drunk military friend is acting super perverted and swinging hotdogs around like a puberty driven 14 year old, but no one is saying anything because he is mega buff and can probably choke all of your guests with an acoustic guitar string. Your mega mix that took you all week to put together is bangin’ out your stereo. Then all of a sudden their is silence coming out the speakers. Seconds later the music cuts back on…but…huh…you didn’t put that song on your mix. How did that happen? Well, your jackass friend had the grand idea to go into the glove box of his Geo Metro where he keeps his bootleg iPod from Korea (called an eyePod), bring his mp3 player into your house, cut your mix off and plug his mix into your stereo…at your party. This is the golden rule to party stereo guidelines. Under no circumstance do you plug your iPod into another person’s stereo system at their party. Yeah, you have Abba’s greatest hits and want to show everyone that you are in fact the ‘Dancing Queen’. Welp, this is how you go about doing that. You move out of your parents converted garage, rent your own place, fund your own party and you can play “Bad To The Bone” as loud and as much as your heart desires.

Listening Party – Okay, we get it. You downloaded some pirated software off your favorite torrent sites and now you call yourself a music mogul. Everyone that lives in your apartment agrees that you are the next Skrillex…you live by yourself. In just a few hours you expect 50 of your friends to cram into your apartment for a stellar rager. Nothing wrong with that. But what IS wrong is that from when the party starts ’til when the party ends you are going to decide to play your crappy Nintendo sounding music that you produced. The worst part is you go around the room annoying your friends about what inspired you to make the song that is currently playing. You tell your friends ‘hold up, this is my favorite part’. Basically, you’re telling them to shut up so they can listen to your deep lyrics about how hard your life was. Then you go on about how Dr. Dre’s-nephew’s-cousin’s-grocery store bagger’s-barber is going to give your beat CD to some rapper that no one has ever heard of. Listen, it’s not that your friends don’t support your dumb ass music ventures. It’s that your friends came to your party…to…well…party. They didn’t come to the shindig so that you can practice your Quincy Jones lifetime achievement speech on them. The guys want to talk to girls, the girls want to talk to guys, your gay friends want to talk to the same sex, people want to sing along to songs that they know and everyone wants to get drunk and dance. If you throw a party then just turn on the pop station that is on your cable box and call it a day. The party is not the time to debut your “new age John Mayer fused with Led Zeppelin with a sprinkle of Nelly”.