McDonald’s McLobster

McDonalds McLobster McDonalds McLobster

The Mclobster is equivalent to attaching a diamond encrusted pendant to a wood bead necklace. It’s like spending your life savings to build your dream mansion in the favelas of Sao Paolo. It’s like getting all dressed up in your bowtie, slacks, overcoat and top hat to go to the monster truck rally. It’s like buying a top of the line Macbook for the sole purpose of playing Minesweeper. It’s like booking a comedy club for a funeral reception. It’s like talking shit to a bunch of Samoans from across the bar and trying to apologize to them when they come closer. It’s like lighting up a cigarette and taking a gigantic swig off your flask, yelling “FUCK YES!” as soon as you step outside the church doors. It’s like a husband pumping iron 5 days a week, running 10 miles 3 times a week and dieting for rock hard abs when all his wife does is watch Entertainment Tonight during the daytime ordering opal rings from QVC.

The Mclobster is like putting lobster meat in a hot dog bun. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. I do not know how someone could take something as heavenly as lobster meat and completely destroy the yummy factor. BUT the crack team of scientists at McDonald’s did the impossible. And for that I must applaud you. ***slow clap feeding into a big roar of claps***