LeBron James To Promote Dunkin’ Donuts In Asia

lebron meme take the last shot LeBron James To Promote Dunkin Donuts In Asia

SINGAPORE — Dunkin’ Brands Inc. said Monday that NBA superstar Lebron James has agreed to promote Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins ice cream in Asia where the company has about a third of its stores.

James will promote Dunkin’s brands in China, Taiwan, India and South Korea through advertisements, online media and in-store marketing, Dunkin’ said. James will also make personal appearances in Asia after the season ends in June.

Dunkin’ executive John Costello declined to give the terms of the deal, but said it was multiyear and worth multimillions of dollars.

“I’m really excited about partnering with Dunkin’ Brands and connecting with the huge community of basketball fans” in Asia, James said in a statement.


Perhaps he will be rockin’ these bad boys in the commercial

dunkin donuts air force ones 300x210 LeBron James To Promote Dunkin Donuts In Asia

I believe this is a secret attack on Jeremy Lin. First Lebron gets Asians to eat donuts. Asians get diabetes from eating many donuts. Diabetes meds get cheaper because Asia is now making their own diabetes medicines due to the fact that diabetes is now the #1 killer in Asia. Asia sells diabetes medication on the black market. Jeremy Lin is sent shipping container from an anonymous person that is full of bootleg diabetes medication. Jeremy Lin does a 5 year stretch at Rikers Island. Makes money on the side by selling loose cigarettes.

Lebron is the one that sent Lin the shipping container. Bravo Lebron…bravo.