House Party Leftovers

wpid IMG 4334 House Party Leftovers

Me and the wisest wizard.

wpid 20120304 153501 House Party Leftovers

After a night of a classy Wisest Wizard game their were many staffs to clean up. Yes, you can make a pervy joke about that and I suggest that you do. The worst part about throwing house parties at your place is the clean up. Cleaning strange pee off your toilet seat and stopping friends of friends from going into your bedroom to make out with a friend of a friend of a neighbor is all in a day’s work of a party host. The best part of a house party is the leftover goodies. Now wallets, purses, electronics and clothing items I will return. Food, adult beverages, small animals and Nerf guns will become property of mine. I’ve found many random things in the past. Bags of hash, weed, bra padding under my sink, memory cards, phone chargers, my toilet seat on the lawn, etc. Here are my latest findings.

wpid 20120306 223439 House Party Leftovers

wpid 20120306 204020 House Party Leftovers

wpid 20120306 204326 House Party Leftovers

wpid IMG00019 20111224 2023 House Party Leftovers

wpid IMG00538 20110708 2127 House Party Leftovers