Eating contest are gross when grown ups are involved

nathans hot dog eating contest gross Eating contest are gross when grown ups are involved

It stings the heart in a warm way when you’re at the country fair and you see a couple of adorable kids trying to take down an apple pie that’s larger than both their craniums. We all go “awwwwwww” and clap and chuckle at their attempt. The innocent candor of a child can eliminate the malice of grown men and women by reminding us that the simple enjoyment of simple things is where true happiness lies. On the other side of that token, watching grown ass men and women (who are dressed like generic super heroes) shove hot dogs down their throats as they dip the buns in water to help grease them down their throats easier. At the end of the contest they all look spent; like they’ve just gotten off a 30 hour “sit down on the couch, eat hella chips and watch NFL games” marathon. It’s as if they found the anti-youth cure as you see them age 5 years right in front of your eyes.

So in conclusion: Kids in eating contests = okay. Adults in wrestling masks in eating contests = not okay.