Easy Fried Tilapia

This is a very simple recipe that anybody can do. Yes, anybody! Even your lazy ass girlfriend can do it. So you tell that hoe to get off that Playstation 3 and get to cookin’ (this applies to boyfriends too).  


-Tilapia fillets (however much you want)
-Flour (enough that you can cover the fillets with)
-Pepper (to taste)
-Salt (to taste)
-Backhand (just in case your lazy boyfriend/girlfriend trys to avoid helping you cook the meal)

breaded fried tilapia Easy Fried Tilapia

I know this might be an obvious thing to do, but first make sure to defrost your tilapia fillets. I’m not saying this because I think you’re stupid, but I am saying this because at one point in time I was very stupid. Yes, I tried to bread meat before when the meat was still frozen. Hahaha, let’s all have a laugh at the retard shall we?

Next, put your flour, salt and pepper in a bowl that’s big enough to hold the tilapia fillet. You can add other spices to your flour mixture, but for the sake of being super simple, I just used salt and pepper. Now would be a good time to start heating up the oil in your deep fryer. If you don’t have a deep fryer, a deep enough pot with oil in it will do. The oil should be anywhere from 350-400 degrees.

breaded fried tilapia 2 Easy Fried Tilapia

Now, with your hands (I used a spoon cause I’m a wuss) roll the tilapia fillet until it is all covered with the flour. To make the flour stick to the tilapia a lot more you can first dip the tilapia in raw scrambled egg. However, if you’re lazy like me you can just use the natural moisture of the tilapia to make the flour stick.

breaded fried tilapia 3 Easy Fried Tilapia

All you have to do now is throw your floured tilapia fillet in the fryer. Fish cooks really, really fast so the tilapia fillet should be ready to take out the fryer in about 4 minutes or so.

breaded fried tilapia 4 Easy Fried Tilapia

When the outside of the tilapia fillet gets golden brown like the picture above then that is a good indication that the fish is cooked all the way through. Put the tilapia fillets on a napkin to absorb the extra oil (cause you don’t like heart attacks do you?) and go to work on that bad boy! Then tell your lazy girlfriend she ain’t gettin’ none of your fish because she chose to play Halo instead of helping out in the kitchen.

312xyxt Easy Fried Tilapia

My fried tilapia was so good that BK from Sanz Pareil went to go cry in the car. In fact, here’s some video footage above of him running to the car to cry. Damn!!

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