Andy Capp’s Hot Fries = Nastiest Chips Ever

 Andy Capps Hot Fries = Nastiest Chips Ever

Never in the history of this site have I bad mouthed any product. Most of the times I can find praise in anything. One time I got the herpes and I was like, “Well, I have the herpes and it will never go away, but on the other side of the token I can test my medical insurance to see if I’m covered”. I can’t find anything good about Andy Capp’s Hot Fries.

Andy Capp’s Hot Fries is like biting into a burger that LOOKS tasty, but then you bite into it and it tastes like fried caca. Plus, their’s nothing “hot” about these fries. These hot fries are like putting a barbed wire tattoo on a skinny guy’s arm. It’s equivalent to putting a fat guy in a muscle shirt. Their’s no rhyme to the reason. I give this product two thumbs down and two middle fingers up.

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